SA-H20 EDGE 2.0™ carbine replica

SA-H20 EDGE 2.0™ carbine replica

Manufacturer SPECNA ARMS
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EDGE 2.0™ is an upgraded line of replicas by Specna Arms that combines an array of solutions and technologies hard to find in other replicas on the market. It is a series that puts stress on very good craftsmanship of the exterior, solutions that improve upon the versatility of the replica, prolong its lifetime, simplify the diagnostics of a malfunction as well as facilitate the possibility of a power tuning. Straight out of the box you get a replica that does not require any modification, however, if needed - they will be extremely simple.

Every element of the replica had been made and fitted with the utmost care for every detail. In addition, the body features a Nano Coating finish that prevents scratches. The receiver also bears deeply-engraved Specna Arms markings as well as an individual serial number. In addition, noteworthy is the specially-profiled ergonomic pistol grip or the eye and ear-pleasing operational Bolt-Catch mechanism.

SA-H20 EDGE 2.0™ carbine replica is equipped with a front rail in RIS 22 mm mounting system. The barrel features a standard muzzle device on a 14 mm CCW thread. The top of the replica features flip-up iron sights with an adjustable, drum front sight. The replica is equipped at stock with ASTER by GATE - an advanced optical system that controls the replica. More detailed specification is available in later part of the description.

The replica features an internal precision barrel with 6.03 mm in diameter that provides high accuracy and repeatability of fired shots. The barrel works in tandem with a new type of a Hop-Up rotary chamber that allows for a very precise and stable adjustment of the BB spin.

The replica features an ESA2™ Quick Spring Change System. Due to that system, it is possible to rapidly and quickly adapt the power of the replica to the conditions expected on the playing field without the necessity to have the access to a workshop or a set of special tools - all that is required is to remove the stock tube in order to gain access to the spring so that it can be removed without having to pull out or disassemble the gearbox.

The advantages of the ESA2™ system are hard to overstate. ESA2™ system allows with a minimal amount of time to exchange the main spring, thus to customize the muzzle velocity towards the area of the game in such a way so as to guarantee an ideal compromise between the effectiveness of fire and the safety for the User himself as well as other participants. Inside the box, along with the replica, is another M90 main spring that is excellent for indoor operations.

The heart of the replica consists of the ORION gearbox based on a reinforced frame and equipped with the function of the main spring release. The replica features an array of high-grade parts right out of the box, which makes it characteristic for its reliability and preparedness for further tuning. ORION gearbox is ready for cooperation with M140 springs. Inside, there are elements such as:

Reinforced polymer piston with a full, steel jaw
Aluminum, air-sealed nozzle
Aluminum, double air-sealed cylinder head
Aluminum, double air-sealed piston head with bearings
Ball bearing spring guide
Set of steel gears
8 mm ball bearings

The replica uses a powerful and efficient High Torque motor equipped with powerful neodymium magnets. The motor has 22TPA (Turn Per Arm) winding and can handle without issue springs more powerful than the one included in the set.

ASTER™ system is the younger brother of a well-known TITAN™ unit. This fourth generation of AEG control systems was designed with a majority of electric replicas equipped with gearbox V2 in mind, also those that undergo demanding tuning. ASTER™ allows to reach maximum durability whilst retaining the attractive price. This system is characteristic for its uniquely beneficial price to efficiency ratio.

Thanks to ASTER™, you can improve your replica by replacing the connectors with an advanced controller equipped with innovative optical sensors, which offers up to 240 trigger sensitivity settings. Trigger rapid reaction and many other useful functions will enable you to get an edge over opponents on the airsoft battlefield. An intelligent fuse protects the battery, the motor and the controller, even from a reverse connection of the battery. This function, along with optical sensors, makes ASTER™ the most durable drop-in type system available on the market.

ASTER™ provides new possibilities:

safeguard from reverse polarization of a battery
innovative optical sensors
250 trigger sensitivity settings
ability to configure with the use of the replica’s trigger or GATE Control Station application
integrated RGB LED diode simplifying the programming of the system
premium functionality at a reasonable price

ATTENTION! Some functions of ASTER system are available in GCS (Gate Control Station). In order to use it, one requires a USB-Link (not included in the set - to be purchased separately).

The box, apart from the replica, includes two Mid-Cap S-MAG magazines with a capacity of 125 BBs each. S-MAG is an exclusive polymer magazine designed by Specna Arms. Noteworthy is the characteristic texture comprised of Specna Arms logos. S-MAG facilitates a seamless feeding of BBs even at high ROF. The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes:

2 x S-MAG Mid-Cap magazine
additional M90 main spring
User’s manual
GATE ASTER diagnostics card

ESA2™ system is included in the European Patent with a number: 007422159-0001

Name: Replica carabin SA-H20 EDGE 2.0™ - crna
Manufacturer: Specna Arms, GATE
Velocity (FPS): ~380/~310
Gearbox version: v2 Gearbox
Type of fire: single, auto
Diameter of bearings in GB: 8 mm
Length: 705-790 mm
Inner barrel length: ~290 mm
Weight: 3180 g
Magazine capacity: 125 pcs
Hop-up: Yes
Blow Back: No
Made of: ZnAl + steel + plastic
Battery not included
Propulsion / Powered by: Electric
Quick Spring Change System: Yes

More Information

product_code SPE-01-028551
Specification ZnAl, Steel, Polymer

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